Certificate in Advanced English with Answers for Revised Exam from 2015 Student’s Book Pack – Cambridge English Language Assessment

Certificate in Advanced English with Answers for Revised Exam from 2015 Student's Book Pack

Capitulo 1

Reading and Um uffirrglm’r

The Rise of Home Working

A whether you cal it working from name.

telecommuting or home-workinr, no a glowing
mawet. Benita. cal centres, munnlls, software
companies. law time. PF agencree: all are

increasingly at owing their stafi to «:in it a: least
part-time. British Tetauum. the pioneer of home
working In Within. new has 651110 flexible
tit-irritantt of Mom 10,000 do nat some irta the
office a: all. time-war. we‘re still u long way- from
the dreams of 75 years age. which imagined
oiiioco emptying oi everyone vmo didn‘t operate
a rrlaohina or wield a ‘1ch 3:) have do you gs:
on tho home-working bandwagon? In some
sour-tries. f you have s eh“: moor 18. 0’ is if
they as disabled. in a ear-rite you have a head
start Err More in Britain are legally obliged at
less: to oonslcier wur case if you ask to work

“limit, am lrIu; mud include workin at home
for a: least next 0* the week. They must also
consider an appl cation If you are caring for a
trend or a “nr’iiy member. But even it nore of
:huoe apply: you are still “W to have a st’org
moo e if you can persuade your company to

Not only do home ‘hpl‘nars cut elem: on he
need ior large ofioes. they re airen mtiy mom
mdmtlve. Ame-icon stones Show a 30-40%
increase. Noel Hodeon. a key proponent oi
home working. suggests that this is at tenet
partly dtwrn to the removal of the dain commute:
‘t’rhat we found was that most oi he time saved
wart heat: into work litcec wcrlturu when their
new lifeatyle and to protect It ther;r db more

worit.‘ Companies that offer flexible working also
tins It easier to attract shaft: and to l’ang on to
them. At Britien Telecorn. at least 97% of women
who take mate’nty leave come back to wont

afterwards. against a national average 0‘ shun
haif m. The domulimu. the ream trnent, the
iratructon of each seem at 5 very moneram
estimate ‘r-‘oald be around 5:10.000. So. not
only are they creating a mole social y integrated
comp-an;- in line With governmert guidelines,
thw’re savirg ffil‘l‘l-Pfim on skill losses.

0 Arsi there are trainees for analog: mo.

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