Picasa HD 64bit Download Free

Picasa HD 64bit Download Free


Picasa HD

no need to visit the article – Albums HD for Picasa image viewer that Windows 8 users can navigate to a collection of his photos, slideshows, and share photos with near and dear to you for his

Once in Google, Picasa photo albums uploaded to Picasa gives you access to HD. You can browse the photos at your own pace, or use the slideshow feature, which gehitzenyashots transition effects between each.

As the “only” image viewer mudahlebih ofone, Picasa HD also provides the ability to create and manage photo albums. To add a photo to an album and (name, description, date, etc.), you can edit the information on the web without visiting Picasa version.

Picasa HD, also, show, delete and modify access to information attached to the image, zoom in on the image and download it to your computer baimenduedo tablet. Do not forget that there are piafull to the screen, so the screen can get the best youYou.


ifyou have a touch device, features pinch-to-zoom use known or even move your image, you can take advantage of.


Picasa HD forever on your back with your images asko.sinple and fuss free to show your holiday photos with the best advantage. A large part of the interface chukuliwana thumbnails of your photos, you can easily view the images that you are doing.


If Google does not provide accessthe official app for Windows 8 Picasa, PicasaAkaun HD Picasa to see pictures to a computer or a hybrid device is the best choice. daIkusi you will be able to edit image information, and also add new images to your collection, Picasa, without having to visit online.

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